home3Facts will always be facts.

OK let’s face it, not counting your education and expense of raising children the biggest investment most people ever make is in their home.

If that holds true then the primary expense of the home would be the real estate itself, the secondary would be the structure and then the third greatest expense would be all of the mechanical systems that make your home comfortable and safe for you and your family.

Unfortunately in our experience despite this major investment many people neglect maintenance to their mechanical systems. You clean out your gutter eaves to keep water from damaging your roof, you paint your house to keep the exterior dry, you mow and maintain your yard to make your home look attractive to others. But what do you do to keep up the level of comfort and safety in your home through maintenance of its mechanical systems? Other than changing air filters (which is an important part of keeping your homes HVAC system working) most people have no clue as to what should be done during normal mechanical maintenance.

nci-certifiedAnderson Mechanical Associates LLC. is a certified member of the National Comfort Instute and is tested every 2 years to retain its compliancy to industry standards on the most up to date HVAC/Mechanical design and safety protocols. We are also fully licensed, bonded and insured by the State of Ohio and an A+ certified member of the Central Ohio Better Business Bureau.

Trust goes a long way in a business relationship and you can trust Anderson Mechanical Associates to do the right work the first time and at the best rates possible.

No Mr.or Mrs. Consumer bigger isn’t always better…

“if we really need to replace our heat and air system then I think we should consider going with a larger unit. It just doesn’t seem the one we have now is heating and cooling our home as well as it should.” Recent Customer

homeThis is a more common than average mistake generally made by most customers. It is not the BTU rating of a furnace or the tonnage of an air conditioner that gives efficient heating and cooling to your home.

Many other variables can and probably do attribute to your current system not performing up to your expectatations.

For the most part your HVAC system is sized to your home at the time of construction and certified through inspection under your local building codes. Barring any mechanical failure in the unit itself such as a crack in the heat exchanger and is properly sized for the square footage of your home it should last for 30 years or more in most instances.  

What we find as the biggest offender to your home comfort is how the heated or cooled air is delivered to your living space and how it is returned to the unit for recirculation.

The science of air balancing a system to a homes square footage and enviroment has evolved in recent times with the advent of electrical or mechanical dampers controlled by programable devices or even the old school of delivery sizing far beyond what it was even 10 years ago. 

Anderson Mechanical Associates stays up to date on all technology advances to make your home more safe and comfortable while reducing your energy expenditures. Call us today for a full audit on your homes HVAC and mechanical systems.